You do not have to be a member to earn a Clean Shooter “Doo-Flickie”, but you will miss out on earning points toward the Sharpshooter Buckle. Become a member today, shoot clean, and earn points toward your own Sharpshooter Buckle!

Clean Shooter Doo-Flickies

All Steel Town Gunslinger (ST-G) events are part of the "Sharpshooter Buckle Program". Winning your Sharpshooter Buckle is as simple as being a clean shooter (penalty free) at ten (10) events as an ST-G member. For each event that you are a clean shooter (penalty free) you will be awarded our Clean Shooter "Doo-Flickie"

 If you are a current member of ST-G you will also accumulate (1) Sharpshooter Point towards our Sharpshooter Buckle. The Sharpshooter Points will carry over from year to year as long as you keep a current ST-G membership. For example, if you have five clean shoots this season as a member of ST-G, you will start next season with 5 points towards the Sharpshooter Buckle.


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