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Please contact James Chambers at 215.350.1252 with any questions on your registration or the event in general.

Welcome to the Universal Media Shootout 2017

The Steel Town Gunslingers are proud to announce that we will once again be hosting the Universal Media Shootout on April 28 - 30th at Centre Hall's Grange Equestrian Center. 

Due to the generosity of Don Young and Universal Media, Inc. this is the 4th consecutive year for this event, drawing mounted shooters from the entire East Coast.  We are excited for some changes that have been made for this season, and expect this year to be the best event yet.

A few of the changes for this year are:

  • We will have the same $10,000 of ADDED MONEY in the classes that everyone is used to. Bigger the class, the bigger the paychecks will be. 
  • We have added an ADDITIONAL $11,000 that we will be paying out at the UNIVERSAL SHOWCASE Saturday night in the ELIMINATOR, Senior Incentive, Rifle, Shotgun and Cavalry classes.
  • A Stoeger coach shotgun and custom scabbard will be raffled to the first 50 paid entries. There is NO OTHER buy-in to the raffle. Why not get a chance at a free shotgun with your entry!
  • ​Main Match Go-Order will be run as we normally do here in PA/OH/NY. We START with the Level 6's, and work down to the 1's, and each level is ordered by Mens -> Senior Men -> Ladies -> Senior Ladies. Showcase Go-order determined by you placing in your appropriate division with the fastest/least penalty running last.